A.C. NESTOS – Greece – Coordinator


The Agricultural Cooperative Of Asparagus Producers "A.C. NESTOS" was founded in 1988 and was the first cooperative in the area with the aim of developing asparagus cultivation and standardizing and sharing the products produced. In 2004, the

Cooperative expanded its activity and introduced the cultivation and standardization of kiwi to its members, while from 2012 it introduced the crops of apricot and plum.

The physical location of the cooperative is characterized by excellent environmental conditions as the RAMSAR treaty protects the area in which it operates.

Today, the cooperative in accordance with its articles of association can develop activities that cover the entire range of production, processing and marketing of agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, citrus fruits, olives), consumer products in general and specifically, asparagus and kiwi products and fruits and vegetables.

It can also supply and trade agricultural supplies as well as manufacture, supply or trade agricultural means, but also provide related services.


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