A.C. FLAMOURIA– Greece –Partner


A.C. Flamouria was established in 1986 in Flamouria, Prefecture of Pella, aiming to collect, package and market the fresh fruits produced by its members.

Flamouria has its own facilities including high-capacity refrigerated chambers with electronically controlled refrigeration and maintenance, storage areas and benches for the sorting and packaging of fruits and vegetables.

The main activity of the cooperative is the organization and control of the production of high quality fruit with constant cooperation of each producer and the concentration and quality control of the fruits by the geotechnical service of the cooperative.

With regards to cultivated species, significant efforts are being made to plant new varieties of cherry in modern dense plantings. A.C. Flamouria trades significant quantities of fruit (cherries, peaches, nectarines, apples, apricots, plums, corn, lotus, pomegranates, clams and walnuts) with the main purpose of gaining a larger share in the major markets of Greece and abroad, where demand for safe and traceable products is constantly on the rise.

Main customers of the ACE are large supermarket chains from all over Greece and other European Union countries.


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