A.C SYMBOLO– Greece –Partner


AC SYMBOLO started as an Agricultural Cooperative on April 11, 2003, with 80 members. Members could trade their products through the Cooperative, having greater potential for better pricing, and reap the benefits of joint trading/marketing.

The following year, September 2004, the Cooperative was pre-recognized as a Producer Organization. Its members increased while an effort was made by the Cooperative bodies to impose production and quality standards. In particular, the Producer Organization's policy regarding the implementation of an integrated management system is the establishment of an efficient production system with the aim of constantly monitoring the producers and the production process, ensuring quality, compliance with legal requirements, compliance with them and the protection of the environment.

The members of the Producers' Organization continue to market their products mainly on the basis of common marketing, and the aim of all is to channel their products through their own packaging unit. Thus, in September 2005, the first step is to package and market their products abroad, with a rented packaging unit, while at the same time assimilating the conditions for the establishment of their own unit. This starts their integration into the European Market, offering above all the best quality to its customers, as it continues to implement the integrated GLOBAL GAP management system.

Since September 2006, the Producers' Organization has completed its own packaging plant, with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, covering 3,000 square meters, certified by BRC, IFS. Its goal is to be able to channel all of its products into the market, ranging around 2,000,000 kilograms of grapes.

Today, the Producers' Organization consists of 43 members and a total area of 800 acres of grape. It continues to apply the GLOBAL GAP and AGRO integrated management system, while at the same time it is certified by BRC, IFS and TESCO to meet the needs of all its clients. At the same time, it implements the QR traceability system for even better and more accurate implementation of integrated management. Its original target has been exceeded and has reached 2,500,000 kg of grapes, with export activity mainly in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy


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