Cherry is one of the most famous fruits, because everybody loves cherries. There are 2 types of cherries, the sweet and the sour cherries, and they are all delicious! The cherries are small, with a deep red beautiful color and polish surface, and juicy flesh with sour or sweet flavor depending the type and the variety.

Historical resources mention that cherry comes from the area of Asia Minor and also that the Romans were consuming cherries in the whole Romanian empire.

Cherries are very rich in vitamin A , B, C , minerals and proteins that offer to your body all the energy you need for a great start every day.

How to consume:

  • You can make a delicious dessert with cherries where you can add cereals, chocolate, nuts and anything else you like.
  • In homemade marmalades for a fantastic breakfast
  • In fruit salads
  • In smoothies and fruit juices


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