Since thousands of years one of the most favorite fruits in the world is the grape. Grape has been used since ancient era as edible fruit but also in winery. There are many types of grapes depending on their color like green or red grapes, black, yellow, rose and so many others. Also grapes can be separated base on if they contain seeds or not. Grapes need ideal climatic and soil conditions, that can be easily found on South Europe.

Some of the main factors that make European grapes stand out of their competition is their big containing in plenty of nutrients and you can enjoy them in plenty of delicious and creative ways. To be more specific grapes are rich in vitamins A, B , C and in minerals.

How to consume:

  • As a delicious snack
  • As an extra delicious add in salads , soups, etc
  • As main ingredient in fruit salads
  • To prepare a delicious cool smoothie or juice


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