European fruits are famous among consumers in the whole world for two very specific characteristics, their superior quality and their delicious flavor. What makes them really unique is the fact that European producers pay special attention to ensure that in every step of the production process will be implemented the strictest food safety and quality criteria to guarantee that every European fruit that reach the consumers plate contains all the flavors, aromas and nutrients it should have and you can enjoy it in plenty of creative ways.

But its not only the implementation of the strictest quality criteria that makes European fruits stand out from their competition.

So why to choose European fruits:

    They are full of flavors and aromas
    They are full of freshness and nutrients
    They are safe and superior quality

The participant organizations are:

    C. NESTOS – Greece – Coordinator
    C. FLAMOURIA– Greece –Partner
    C SYMBOLO– Greece –Partner
    APAR – Romania – Partner

Fresh fruits from Greece and Romania….

Some of the most fertile areas with very big fruit production know how in Europe is Greece and Romania, two countries with ideal climatic and soil conditions that produce delicious fruits that can add to your daily diet all the freshness and the energy your body needs , like the  juicy apricots and peaches, the aromatic nectarines, the delicious kiwifruit, plums and sloes, red cherries, and delightful grapes.

European fresh fruits, the definition of freshness and taste you can trust!

The European financed campaign EU FRESH FRUIT aims to promote and increase the consumption of the superior quality European fresh fruits to the consumers of the countries United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland.

The signature "Enjoy! It’s from Europe‖ that will be part of the proposed Action brings together the many efforts undertaken across Europe and beyond, to promote the consumption of EU fresh fruits. As it is largely focusing on the quality and safety of the EU fresh fruits, the campaign will most probably deliver benefits to the whole EU fruit sector as well. This signature will be visible on all communication material produced as part of the communication basis of the action. The key messages will be further elaborated in short, strong and easy to understand units that will form the communication base of the programme.

The main message of the campaign EU fresh fruits to your plate!‖ highlights the specific all the necessary information around the product. This key message of the campaign with the signature "Enjoy! It’s from

Europe‖ will be disseminated through the promotional material of the project. Additionally, the specific features of the EU agricultural production methods and the main characteristics of the products, such as food safety, traceability, quality, taste will be also highlighted. Any reference to the nutritional value of the products‘ consumption mentioned, will be based in existing specific scientific references that are complying with both national and EU.

According to the FBDG in each market the key message will be supplement with additional messages as following: UK61 enjoy 5 portions of fruits per day

Norway62: Enjoy at least five portions of vegetables, fruits and berries each day

Switzerland63: Consume five portions of fruits and vegetables per day; at least three portions should be vegetables and two fruits.




Nutritional value and taste: The nutritional value and taste of European fruits is an important priority for the European Union. According to European standards, fruits and vegetables available in the market are nutritious, sound, and include all the necessary information and proper maturation to be used after washing etc. The high nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is ensured by the applicable standards, the requirements relating to the production of quality systems while regular consumption of fresh fruits in total ensures the intake of essential ingredients of the body and a balanced diet.

Benefits for the Environment: The proposed project contributes to the climate and environmental ambition of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Green Deal and most importantly Farm to fork strategy, as the Greek and Romanian fresh fruits focus on environmental sustainability, sustainable production, sustainable consumption and sustainable supply chain. The proposed project will approach fresh fruit policymakers at local, regional, national intra-European and extra-European level, to promote healthy lifestyle, a trend that is spreading especially the days of the pandemic. Policy makers, through the proposed project, will ensure that the destined target-markets and, therefore, Europe will stimulate a higher level of fresh fruit consumption as part of a low environmental impact plant-based diet.

  1. D) Meetings among the partners to discuss the sales evolution to the target countries, after the end of the programme. The above activities that will take place after the end of the programme will be self-funded by the partner-organisations.


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