European fruits are famous among consumers in the whole world for two very specific characteristics, their superior quality and their delicious flavor. What makes them really unique is the fact that European producers pay special attention to ensure that in every step of the production process will be implemented the strictest food safety and quality criteria to guarantee that every European fruit that reach the consumers plate contains all the flavors, aromas and nutrients it should have and you can enjoy it in plenty of creative ways.

But its not only the implementation of the strictest quality criteria that makes European fruits stand out from their competition.

So why to choose European fruits:

  • They are full of flavors and aromas
  • They are full of freshness and nutrients
  • They are safe and superior quality

The participant organizations are:

  • C. NESTOS – Greece – Coordinator
  • C. FLAMOURIA– Greece –Partner
  • C SYMBOLO– Greece –Partner
  • APAR – Romania – Partner

Fresh fruits from Greece and Romania….

Some of the most fertile areas with very big fruit production know how in Europe is Greece and Romania, two countries with ideal climatic and soil conditions that produce delicious fruits that can add to your daily diet all the freshness and the energy your body needs , like the  juicy apricots and peaches, the aromatic nectarines, the delicious kiwifruit, plums and sloes, red cherries, and delightful grapes.

European fresh fruits, the definition of freshness and taste you can trust!

The European financed campaign EU FRESH FRUIT aims to promote and increase the consumption of the superior quality European fresh fruits to the consumers of the countries United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland.


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